Paques, STW and Delft University of Technology join forces in biopolymer production from wastewater


Technology Foundation STW, Delft University of Technology and Paques signed an option contract, in which Paques acquires the right of first refusal of the results of the STW research project in which the biopolymer production from waste is investigated.

The objective of the research project, that was started in 2011, is to develop a process for the accumulation of poly hydroxy alkanoates (PHA’s) in bacteria. Simultaneously the organic compounds in the wastewater are removed. The produced PHA is biodegradable and can be used as an alternative for conventional plastics. The project is part of the STW research program “From Waste to Resource”.

At the department of Biotechnology of Delft University of Technology, under the direction of Mark van Loosdrecht a process has been developed in which bacteria produce high amounts of PHA. This process now needs to be scaled up to industrial scale. Paques invests and participates in a pilot plant that will be operational by mid 2012 and will use waste water as carbon source.

In another STW project within the program “From Waste to Resource”, other parties will look to the characteristics and possible applications of PHA. Both projects are under the direction of Robbert Kleerebezem of Delft University of Technology. A total of four Dutch universities and eight companies work together in both projects.