Water Knight starts in BioBizz hub as second participant


Beginning of January 2019,  Rahul Dahule from Water Knight had his first day in the BioBizz hub. Water Knight is the second start-up in the BioBizz hub.

Rahul is the director of the innovative start-up Water Knight that successfully developed a technology in the field of vortex cavitation. While the focus of EColoRO, our first start-up in the BioBizz hub, is on scaling up his technology, the focus of Water Knight is on “go to the market”.

The technology of Water Knight has added value in several market segments, including industrial waste water treatment plants. Water Knight’s  VoDCa product can for example improve the degradation of COD or the yield of digesters.

The coming months Paques and the BioBizz hub will work closely with Rahul on supporting him in his process to bring this technology to the market.

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What is VoDCa

VoDCa is an advanced oxidation reactor that harnesses power of cavitation. Cavitation is a physical phenomenon involving bubble formation, growth and adiabatic collapse, with the consequent generation of intense pressure and temperature. These conditions lead to the formation of hydroxyl radicals (OH•) which are extremely reactive oxidising agents that can decompose pollutants. In wastewater treatment, cavitation induced degradation/mineralization of organic carbon reduces COD, ammoniacal nitrogen, colour and other contaminants and also increases biogas yield.

Additional information on Water Knight and VoDCa

For the Introductory video click here

For the Water Knight website click here

More about the BioBizz hub

Paques has a worldwide reputation when it comes to structured and successful scaling up of innovative biotechnology from university to industry. Like no other, Paques is capable of making commercially interesting innovations out of (lab-scale) inventions. At the same time, more and more start-ups with interesting technologies are emerging, struggling to bring these technologies from lab scale to a commercial success. Within the BioBizz hub Paques creates an environment for start-ups/ small business to test and validate their innovations, in order to scale up and bring new technology to the market.

Beside an office space in an inspiring hub combined with lab and test facilities and a location for the realization of the first demo/ products of the start-ups, the BioBizz hub offers a wide variety of services in the field of:
 - Sales support
 - Business support (e.g. legal and tax advice)
 - Funding and
 - Competence development.
 It is precisely these services, especially in the field of engineering and sales support, that make the BioBizz hub so unique.

For more information:
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The BioBizz hub is financially supported by the European Union (European regional development fund), SNN (Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance), the Province of Fryslân, the municipality of De Fryske Marren and Paques

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